Nineteenth-Century Seminar

Why should you attend the Nineteenth-Century Seminar?

"The Nineteenth-Century Seminar is the best introduction to the Dickens Universe and a great way to develop an article, a chapter, or a book proposal with a group of thoughtful (and rigorous) scholars from outside your home department. In my first year in the seminar, three of the papers eventually led to books published with academic presses. As a member of the seminar, you have access to every activity during the week, from scholarly talks and classes to the Victorian dance at the end."  

—Adam Abraham, author of Plagiarizing the Victorian Novel (Cambridge)

Invitation to Apply for Nineteenth-Century Seminar

This summer, the Dickens Project will be making space to welcome eight colleagues from colleges and universities not currently members of the Dickens Project Consortium. At no extra cost, students and faculty accepted into the Nineteenth-Century Seminar will be invited to attend a full range of Dickens Universe events, including graduate or faculty seminars, and to gather for special sessions throughout the week. Project presentations and workshopping; a question-and-answer session with manuscript editors and readers; an informal lunch gathering: these will conclude with a time for brainstorming over opportunities for ongoing collaboration. Throughout, participants will enjoy a rare opportunity to establish a cohort whose developing conversations can unfold over an entire week, possibly extending beyond the limits of the 2024 Universe itself.

Application requirements:
By 31 May 2024: Submit a two-page CV; a 200-word project description to (Note: Your project need not be related to Dickens. Graduate papers; dissertation chapters; journal essays; book chapters; monographs: in previous seminars, these have all worked well.)

Contact Courtney Mahaney at or +1 (831) 459-2103. For more information, please visit