In this video series, members of the Dickens Universe community share a favorite passage from Dickens and say a few words about why they selected it. We hope this video series can remind us of what we have in common, and what we can look forward to when our annual conferences resume.


Partings Welded Together
by John O. Jordan, Director of the Dickens Project
Novels: Great Expectations and Dombey and Son
June 15, 2020

Even Supposing
by Renée Fox, Co-Director of the Dickens Project
Novel: Bleak House
June 22, 2020

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
by JoAnna Rottke, President of the Friends of the Dickens Project
Novel: A Tale of Two Cities
June 29, 2020

The Dickensian Reader as Detective
by Michael Stern, Friends of the Dickens Project Board Member and filmmaker
Novel: Bleak House
July 6, 2020

Choose Your Own Adventure with Dombey and Son
by Christian Lehmann, a longtime Dickens Universe attendee
Novel: Dombey and Son
July 13, 2020

We must marry 'em
by Sophia Jochem, a Ph.D. candidate at Freie Universität Berlin
Novel: Dombey and Son
July 20, 2020

Race, Power, and Performance in The Mystery of Edwin Drood
by Sharon Aronofsky Weltman, Professor of Literature at Louisiana State University
Novel: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
July 27, 2020

Editorial Metaphysics
by Priti Joshi, Professor of English at the University of Puget Sound
Novel: The Pickwick Papers
August 10, 2020