Ever the Best of Friends

Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you and those you love safe and in good health.

One thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us over and again is the importance of staying connected during times of loss. In this year of enforced separation and social distancing, of cancelled conferences and other partings great and small, the Dickens Project has worked hard to keep its community of Dickens readers intact.

I hope that you have benefitted from connecting with us through some of our online events. 

Our Virtual Universe last July introduced the work of Frances E. W. Harper to many readers unfamiliar with her work and has prepared the way for next summer’s Dickens Universe, featuring David Copperfield and Harper’s Iola Leroy. Our weekly Dickens-to-Go videos are bringing the spirit of Dickens and the vitality of his prose to audiences both old and new. Our online Pickwick Book Club continues to attract a sizable group of committed readers of 19th-century fiction.

Another thing that COVID has taught us is how dependent we are on the generosity of our private donors. With the loss of conference registrations and the uncertainty of continued financial support from some member institutions of the Dickens Project, we are increasingly reliant on contributions from people like you.

I write therefore to ask that you make a generous gift this year to help the Friends of the Dickens Project build a strong endowment that will sustain the Dickens Universe for years to come. 

Your gift will help us now and for years to come. A strong Friends endowment will help the Project meet the challenges arising from the pandemic and will provide annual income to guarantee it will continue to be the unique and engaging community you have come to know and love.

To increase your impact, consider making your gift an annual commitment. Sustaining gifts inspire others to do likewise and help the endowment grow more rapidly.

Thank you for considering these requests, and thank you for your continued loyalty to the Dickens Project.

Faithfully yours,

 JOJ signature

John O. Jordan, Director