Friends Faculty Fellows

We are thrilled to announce the new Friends of the Dickens Project Faculty Fellowship program. The aim of the fellowship is threefold: first, to give faculty members an opportunity to conceptualize and present their research to an enthusiastic public audience; second, to provide the Friends with a chance to get to know/interact with more Dickens Project faculty members; and third, to offer the Friends an opportunity to learn more about current research in 19th-century studies that may not fit into the purview of Dickens Universe programming.

Terms and Fellows
Term Faculty Fellow
Autumn 2022 Renée Fox (UC Santa Cruz): Victorian Necromancies
Winter 2023 Grace Moore (University of Otago, Aotearoa/New Zealand): Anthony Trollope Down Under: Travel Writing, Bushfires and Australian Ecology
Spring 2023 Deanna Kreisel (University of Mississippi)