Friends Faculty Fellows

We are thrilled to announce the new Friends of the Dickens Project Faculty Fellowship program. The aim of the fellowship is threefold: first, to give faculty members an opportunity to conceptualize and present their research to an enthusiastic public audience; second, to provide our Friends with a chance to get to know/interact with more Dickens Project faculty members; and third, to offer an opportunity to learn more about current research in 19th-century studies that may not fit into the purview of Dickens Universe programming. The Santa Cruz Public Libraries provide support for this program.


Terms and Fellows
Term Faculty Fellow
Autumn 2022 Renée Fox (UC Santa Cruz): Victorian Necromancies
Winter 2023 Grace Moore (University of Otago, Aotearoa/New Zealand): Anthony Trollope Down Under: Travel Writing, Bushfires and Australian Ecology
Spring 2023 Deanna K. Kreisel (University of Mississippi): Ecological Utopia: From the Victorians to Us
Spring 2024 Nora Gilbert (University of North Texas): Victorian Gaslighting

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