The Pickwick Book Club is a community of local bookworms, students, and teachers who meet monthly to discuss a nineteenth-century novel. Join us each month for conversations about the novel and guest speaker presentations to help us contextualize our readings.

Support for the reading group is provided by the Santa Cruz Public Libraries.

Pickwick Club monthly meeting schedule with topics and guest speakers
Date Readings Topic and Facilitator Materials
Sep 22

David Copperfield:
Part I-III (Chapters 1-9)

An introduction to the novel 

John O. Jordan, Director of the Dickens Project and Professor Emeritus of Literature, UCSC

Oct 27

David Copperfield:
Parts IV-VII (Chapters 10-21)

Spencer Armada, PhD Candidate in Literature, UC Santa Cruz
Nov 24

David Copperfield:
Parts VIII-X (Chapters 22-31)

Dec Break. Multiple field trip opportunities.  
Jan 26

David Copperfield:
Parts XI-XIII (Chapters 32-40)


Feb 23

David Copperfield:
Parts XIV-XVI (Chapters 41-50)


Mar 22

David Copperfield:
Parts XVII-XX (Chapters 51-end)