Toppling Statues: Teaching Victorian Literature in 2020

Ronjaunee Chatterjee (Concordia University), Alicia Mireles Christoff (Amherst College), Sophia Hsu (CUNY), Alisha Walters (Penn State Abington), and Ryan Fong (Kalamazoo College), early-career scholars of color in Victorian Studies, discuss teaching Victorian literature in our present moment. In addition to offering practical classroom strategies and approaches, the session thinks about what relevance Victorian literature has for current conversations around race, memory and memorialization, and the legacies of the nineteenth-century past.

This event was part of a week of discussions for the Virtual Dickens Universe conference in preparation for the 2021 Dickens Universe conference featuring David Copperfield and Iola Leroy.

Transcript and Q&A questions coming soon.