Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Selected Readings

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Forest Leaves
(Baltimore: James Young Printer, 184?)

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Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects
(Boston: J. B. Yerrinton & Son, Printers, 1854)

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“The Massachusetts Fifty-Fourth.”  
The Anglo-African (October 10, 1863): 1.

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Moses: A Story of the Nile. 
2d ed. (Philadelphia: Merrihew, 1869)

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Sketches of Southern Life
(Philadelphia: Ferguson Bros. & Co., Printers, 1891)
[1st edition, 1872]

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“The Two Offers”
Short story originally serialized in the Anglo-African Magazine 1 (1859): 288-91; 311-313

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Minnie’s Sacrifice
Novel originally serialized in The Christian Recorder (March 20, 1869 - September 25, 1869)

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Sowing and Reaping: A Temperance Story
Novel originally serialized in The Christian Recorder (August 10, 1876 - February 8, 1877)

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"We Are All Bound Up Together"
Lecture at the Eleventh National Women's Rights Convention, New York, May 1866
Proceedings of the Eleventh Women's Rights Convention (New York: Robert J. Johnston, 1866), 45-48.


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Reenactment by Ariana DeBose as Frances Harper, 2019


"National Salvation"
Lecture for the Social, Civil, and Statistical Association of the Colored People, National Hall, Philadelphia, January 31, 1867
Philadelphia Evening Telegraph (February 1, 1867): 8.

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"Enlightened Motherhood"
Address before the Brooklyn Literary Society, November 15th, 1892

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"Women’s Political Future"
Speech before the World’s Congress of Representative Women, Chicago, May 20, 1893
The World's Congress of Representative Women, Ed. May Wright Sewall (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1894), 433-437.

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