The Pickwick Book Club is a community of local bookworms, students, and teachers who meet monthly to discuss a nineteenth-century novel, beginning this January with Charles Dickens’s Little Dorrit. Join us each month for conversations about the novel and guest speaker presentations to help us contextualize our readings.

Special thanks to Tara Thomas for the Little Dorrit Discussion Questions!


Date Readings Special Discussion Topics Guest(s)
January 14 Introduction to the Novel Renee Fox, Co-Director of the Dickens Project
Murray Baumgarten, Co-Founder of the Dickens Project
February 11 Book I: Ch. 1-18 Little Dorrit in Historical Context Bruce Thompson, Lecturer in History, UC Santa Cruz
March 11 Book I: Ch. 19-36 "Dickens and the World" Nirshan Perera, English Teacher, Pacific Collegiate School
April 8 Book II: Ch. 1-18 "How Did the Grim Reaper's Swift Scythe Sharpen Little Dorrit's Plot?" Cathy Cress, MSW
May 13 Book II: Ch. 19-34 The Dickens Universe John O. Jordan, Director of the Dickens Project