Fundraising Auction

The Friends of the Dickens Project's fundraising auction is a community-building event to celebrate the work of the Dickens Project. All proceeds will support the activities of the Dickens Project.

When you give to the Friends of the Dickens Project, you are helping to sustain the future of the Dickens Project and the Dickens Universe. Your contribution strengthens the Project's mission to promote and carry out research and teaching on Charles Dickens and 19th-century literature and culture; to share its research findings with students, teachers, scholars, and members of the general public through domestic and international conferences, as well as through outreach efforts focused on the public humanities; and to professionalize the next generation of 19th-century studies scholars.

Please join us on Saturday, August 1st at 10am (PDT). This is your chance to take a piece of the Universe home with you! No home is complete without Dickensian figurines, Dickens-inspired artwork, housewares, or Dickens novels on display!




The Virtual Dickens Universe 2020 Auction Items

Lot 1: Assorted Dickens commemorative stamps, including a scene from David Copperfield, played by Disney characters.

Opening bid: $5

Lot 2: Circa 1910 Charles Dickens Edition of David Copperfield by Chapman and Hall, Ltd. 533 pages with 8 black and white illustrations by Hablot Knight Browne (Phiz), and a portrait frontispiece. Text block is square and tight. There is cloth loss at the lower front joint.

Opening bid: $10


Lot 3: Dickens commemorative stamps and a Dickens commemorative bronze medallion.

Opening bid: $10

Lot 4: Heritage Village Collection David Copperfield Collection. Set of 5 hand-painted porcelain figurines, housed in the original box. Made exclusively for Department 56.

Opening bid: $20

Lot 5: Classics Illustrated edition of David Copperfield. Comic published in 1948 and illustrated by H. C. Kiefer. 52 pages.

1934 Whitman Big Little Book (#1148) of David Copperfield. Based on the MGM film starring W. C. Fields, Maureen O'Sullivan, Lionel Barrymore and directed by George Cukor. 156 pages, with 76 black and white photographic stills from the film. This is in fair/good condition with square and tight text block, and loss along spine joints.

Opening bid for both items: $25


Lot 6: Pilkington glazed saucer featuring a painting of Mr. Micawber with the following text: "* * with a certain condescending roll in his voice, and a certain indescribable air of doing something genteel." 6-inches in diameter. No date.

Opening bid: $20

Lot 7: Adam Real English Ironstone decorative collector's plate. "Mr. Micawber delivers some valedictory remarks." 10.5-inches in diameter. No date.

Opening bid: $25


Lot 8: R. H. Macey porcelain jar vase. Made in England. Features two paintings: Mr. Peggotty (from David Copperfield) and Captain Cuttle (from Dombey and Son). 4.5-inches tall, 5-inches round. No date.

Opening bid: $20

Lot 9: The David Copperfield Polka sheet music. Four pages, each stanza refers to a different character: My Child Wife Dora, The Old Soldier, Uriah Heep, The Micawbers, etc. This polka was written by W. Wilson, published by Ducombe & Moon. The first page bears a tear in the top right corner and child's coloring. No date, but it was probably published in the mid-19th-century. Extremely rare.

Opening bid: $30

Lot 10: 1981 Wedgewood Queens "Remarkable World of Charles Dickens" plate featuring "Barkis and Peggotty" artwork by Konrad F. Hack. Number 595 in a special limited edition and includes two certificates of authenticity signed by Stafford Calvin (Director, Calhoun's Collector's Society), Air Arthur Bryan (Chairman, Josiah Wedgewood & Sons, Ltd.), and Christopher Dickens (Great, great-grandson of Charles Dickens). 9-inches in diameter, and housed in the original box.

Opening bid: $35

Lot 11: Cope's Cigarette Cards featuring Dickens characters. Complete set of 25 cards. From  1939.

Opening bid: $40

Lot 12: Rare American first edition of monthly part featuring 3 chapters of David Copperfield and two engravings based on the British originals. Issued in 1849, #4 comprises chapters 10-12. This part is in very good condition, but with bad foxing, normal in older books. Note: full sets sell for $3,000 and up.

Opening bid: $99