The Dickens Universe 2014

WHERE: College Eight and Porter - University of California, Santa Cruz (find directions here). Registration is at College Eight at Apt. Bldg One.

WHEN: Sunday August 3 - Friday August 8, 2014 (departures on Sat. morning). You can now reserve a Return Shuttle to SJC here.

WHAT: Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens (we recommend the most recent Penguin Classics edition). 

UH OH: Our allocated campus housing is now FULL. We can still take commuters. If you'd like to be waitlisted for campus housing, please email

HOW MUCH: Look here to see what it costs for Universe participants.

WHO: Anyone can attend; you need not be a scholar, but you do need to read the book before August and have an appreciation and curiosity about Charles Dickens, his work and his time. Some sessions are only for the Project Consortium faculty and grad students, and these are marked on the schedule with an asterisk. SMOKERS take note: UCSC is now a smoke-free campus, so smoking is not allowed anywhere on campus, indoors or out.

BONUS: Don't forget to visit the Our Mutual Friend Scholarly Pages for more information about the book. Also, don't miss the Our Mutual Friend Reading Project. You can be part of a global reading group.

HUH?: You may always seek more information by contacting the Project (dpj at You can also see a report on the 2013 Dickens Universe here.

BUMMER: If you can't come this summer, the dates for 2015 will be Aug. 2 to 8, and the book will be (oops, that's a secret).