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Though our scholarly vision begins with—and is largely focused on—the Victorian Era, administratively we are wired directly to the twenty-first century. For more information you can contact us by phone or email. Our office is located in Room 327 of the Humanities One Bldg., but JoAnna telecommutes most days, so it is best to contact us before coming by.

The Dickens Project
Dickens Project
c/o Humanities Academic Services
506 Cowell-Stevenson Road
UC Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz CA 95064

831-459-2103 voice
dpj [at] ucsc [dot] edu

PLEASE NOTE: the Dickens Project does not appraise antiquarian copies of Dickens's works. For book appraisals and antiquarian information, please contact Tavistock Books.

Dickens Project Staff:

John Jordan
John O. Jordan

picasso [at] ucsc [dot] edu
John Bowen
John Bowen
john.bowen [at] york [dot] ac [dot] uk
Murray Baumgarten
Murray Baumgarten

Founding Director
dickens [at] ucsc [dot] edu
Joanna Rottke
JoAnna Rottke

Assistant Director
jrottke [at] ucsc [dot] edu
Jon Varese
Jon Michael Varese

Director of Digital Initiatives
jon.varese [at] gmail [dot] com