For over 30 years, The Dickens Project has brought together distinguished faculty, graduate students, and members of the general public for its yearly conference, The Dickens Universe. Hosted each summer on the beautiful Santa Cruz campus of the University of California, The Dickens Universe provides a unique opportunity for students and teachers of Dickens to interact with each other during a week-long program of lectures, seminars, discussion groups, workshops, social events, teas, films, and usually perfect weather.

For high school and community college students, The Dickens Universe provides a chance to study literature in a university setting with colleagues of all ages, and to network with English literature faculty from such prestigious universities as Stanford, Yale, Vanderbilt, Columbia, UC Berkeley, and other member institutions. For high school teachers, the experience is one of educational enrichment and innovative curriculum development with fellow instructors who share a passion for teaching.

The Dickens Project offers scholarships for all of these individuals to attend the Dickens Universe. Scholarships are awarded through our annual essay contests for high school and community college students. (High school teachers win scholarships to attend the Universe via their winning students.)

For more information on Dickens Universe scholarships, including specific guidelines for the high school and community college essay contests, please click the links to the left.