Reading Schedule and Discussion Topics

Reading Schedule

Monday, July 16: Serial Nos. I-IV,  Book I, Ch. I-XI (pp. 15-148)

Tuesday, July 17: Serial Nos. V-VII, Book I, Ch. XII-XXIX (pp. 148-368)

Wednesday, July 18: Serial Nos.VIII-XII, Book I, Ch. XXX - Book II, Ch. VIII (pp. 368-538)

Thursday, July 19: Serial Nos. XIII-XVI, Book II, Ch. IX-XVII (pp. 539-657)

Friday, July 20: Serial Nos. XVII-XX, Book II, Ch. XVIII-XXXIV (pp. 658-860)


Topics for Reading and Discussion 

  • Little Dorrit topics coming soon!
  • Forms of incarceration
  • Romance plots, family plots, friendship plots, twin plots, orphan plots
  • Multiplots (“to meet the people who are coming to meet us”)
  • International Relations
  • Empire (China)
  • Urbanism
  • The Dark Plates
  • A story in two books, serial publication in twenty numbers
  • Bureaucracy (“the circumlocution office”)
  • Omniscient narration and perspective
  • Mobility and tourism
  • Poverty, riches, and finance
  • Sexualities
  • Maria Beadnell
  • The Crimean War
  • Venice
  • The sister arts: painting, writing, music
  • Dreams and madness
  • Jokes and comedy
  • The Centrality of Disabilities
  • Foreign tongues
  • Wills and inheritance
  • Angry women
  • Family secrets
  • Big and little
  • Melodrama: villains and heroines
  • Bridges and bodies of water



Additional Little Dorrit Resources

LitLab Online Laboratory: Neighborhood Academic Initiative's Victorian-related programming
DorritLab Reading Buddies: videos, audio, and text addressing major themes in the novel
Santa Cruz Pickwick Club: audio recordings of book club lectures and discussions