Middlemarch Resources

At the request of several Universe participants from last summer, the “Reading Like a Victorian” website has been updated with a stack of serial novels surrounding Middlemarch. You can read the nine parts of Middlemarch alongside the installments of other novels that were appearing in the same time period. Go directly to the 1870-1872 gateway page by clicking on this link: http://victorianserialnovels.org/1870-1872/
Scroll to the timeline near the top of the page, and use the right arrows to see all the texts—in serial and in volume form—that you can read synchronically with Middlemarch.  On the timeline, choose the year and month where you want to begin, then scroll down to “Parts by Month and Year,” click on the correct month, and follow the links to the chapters in the installments for that month.  (Remember that if you are using a Project Gutenberg text, it may take you to the front matter the first time you access it during a reading session; just back up, enter the text again, and it will take you to the right chapter.) You will find non-serialized texts under “Works Appearing in Volume Form and Other Notable Publications.”

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