Graduate Student Research Interests

Graduate student names, universities, dissertation titles, and research interests
Oriah Amit, University of California Los Angeles
Dissertation: Tentatively titled "When Safes Stop Being Safe: Security and the Victorian Novel"
The novel, crime and detective fiction, journalism and the periodical press, and representations of security in mid- to late-Victorian fiction.
Tali Banin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dissertation: "Posthuman Intimacy: The Nonhuman Turn in the Discourses of Love of D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, and Ford Madox Ford"
Interests: Modernism, Animal Studies, Posthumanism, Philosophies of Love, Feminist Theory
Phillip Bax, Southern Methodist University
Interests: Science and Technology Studies, Epistemology and the Novel
Katherine Bergevin, Columbia University
Dissertation: "Clarissa's Belly: Fertility and Social Death in the Enlightenment"
Interests: Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature in Britain and North America; enlightenment; coloniality; gender and sexuality; authors: John Locke, Daniel Defoe, Samuel Richardson, Jane Austen
Steph Buongiorno, Southern Methodist University
Rachel Cason, University of Mississippi
Chloe Coome, Ryerson University
"Deconstructing Mob Mentality"
Interests: I am interested in exploring how mob mentality, discrimination and the desire for a higher standard of living can lead to such immense violence as demonstrated through the Gordon Riots in Barnaby Rudge as well as how this manifests in modern times. I am also interested in supplementing my research with feminist scholars and perspective.
Lavaisa Ezell, Rutgers University
Hannah Fogarty, University of Buffalo
Mary Grant, Ryerson University
Interests: Victorian Literature and Culture, Digital Humanities, Victorian Theatre, Shakespeare, Media Studies, Visual Culture
Laura Hayes, University of Iowa
Courtney Krolczyk, Rutgers University
Itar Mansour, University of Haifa
Dissertation: "Binaries and Contaries in the Bible, Blake’s and Milton’s works"
Interests: I have always been fascinated with the themes of binaries and contraries and self-fragmentation in different periods and fields. I have been interested in the Victorian Era, Children’s Literature, and William Shakespeare’s plays. But right now, I’m currently taking a closer look at Biblical studies, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and several works of William Blake’s.
Katja May, University of Kent
"Everyday Textures: Practices of Needlework, Meaning-Making and Social Transformation"
My interdisciplinary research project explores the relationship between personal and social transformation, social movements, politics and the role of everyday practices on the level of affect, knowledge and the phenomenology of making.
My wider research interests include feminist theory, queer studies, material culture, affect, and activism.
Trevor McMichael, Indiana University
Dissertation: "Revenge and British Romanticism"
Interests: I am a Ph.D. Candidate who studies Romantic and Victorian literature, and my secondary research interests include (new) formalism, affect theory, gender studies, and queer theory. My dissertation examines the ways in which Romantic and some early Victorian writers, including Joanna Baillie, William Wordsworth, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, and Robert Browning, theorize everyday forms of revenge as pleasurable and as possible to experience without recourse to conventional thematic and formal criteria like action, violence, and tragedy.
Megan O'Donnell, University of Delaware
Interests: Megan's research interests include nineteenth-century speculative fiction, history of science, and ecocriticism. Her scholarship examines the relationship between nineteenth-century physics and speculative fiction to reveal how their convergence invites ecological perspectives. She is also interested in digital humanities and is currently collaborating on a project funded by the Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center using distant reading to analyze patterns between coral reef news media narratives, ecosystem state data, and conservation legislation over the past decade.
Sophia Panayiotou, Boston University
19th century novel, Transatlanticism, Social reform, Sentimentalism
Irena Rudiakov, University of Haifa
Dissertation: "Fixed Fate, Free Will, Foreknowledge Absolute" – the Reading of John Milton's Paradise Lost as Family Drama
Interests: I am currently working on my PhD dissertation which focuses on the psychological interpretation of Milton's Paradise Lost as a family drama.
The main fields of my academic research are Early Modern poetry and Drama, English epics, religious poetry and poetry inspired by the Bible, with an emphasis on psychological analysis of the literary texts.
Olivia Rutigliano, Columbia University
Justin Thompson, University of Maryland
Michael Vignola, University of California Los Angeles
Dissertation: "Reform Aesthetics in the Victorian Novel"
Interests: 19th-Century Fiction, Political Reform, Time & Temporality
Hadas Wagner, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Interests: George Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Toni Morrison, Feminist Criticism