Faculty and Guest Speakers

Faculty attending the Dickens Universe
Faculty Institution Assignment Date & Time
Adam Abraham Virginia Commonwealth University Lecture: "The History of Barnaby Rudge; or, He Shouldn't Have Done It" Fri, 10:00 AM
Wayne Batten Friends of the Dickens Project Dickensian Seminar
Murray Baumgarten UC Santa Cruz Dickens Project Co-Founder
Galia Benziman Hebrew University of Jerusalem Lecture: "Talking Birds, Talking to Birds: Transcending the Child in Barnaby Rudge" Mon, 7:45 PM
John Bowen University of York Deciphering Dickens Project
*David Brownell Friends of the Dickens Project Dickensian Seminar
Logan Browning Rice University
James Buzard Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Peter Capuano University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Ronjaunee Chatterjee Concordia University Panel: "Race and/in Victorian Studies" Thu, 4:00 PM
Alicia Christoff Amherst College Panel: "Race and/in Victorian Studies" Thu, 4:00 PM
Michael Cohen UC Los Angeles Lecture: "Quoting the Ravens" Thu, 10:00 AM
Monica Cohen Columbia University
Susan Cook Southern New Hampshire University Lecture: "Barnaby Rudge, True Crime Style" Tue, 7:45 PM
Iain Crawford University of Delaware
Douglas Dodds Victoria & Albert Museum Deciphering Dickens Project
Alex Feldman University of Haifa
Ryan Fong Kalamazoo College Conference Co-Organizer
Renee Fox UC Santa Cruz Dickens Project Co-Director
Jill Galvan Ohio State University
Nora Gilbert University of North Texas
Rae Greiner Indiana University, Bloomington
Devin Griffiths University of Southern California Lecture: "Gripping the Past" Wed, 10:00 AM
Jonathan Grossman UC Los Angeles Lecture: "Barnaby's Standard" Tue, 10:00 AM
Sophia Hsu Lehman College, CUNY Lecture: Barnaby's Crowds" Mon, 10:00 AM
Justin Jones University of North Texas
John O. Jordan UC Santa Cruz Dickens Project Director;
Talk: "Dickens and the Radicals"
Wed, 4:00 PM
Gerhard Joseph City University of New York
Priti Joshi University of Puget Sound
Christian Lehmann Dickensian Seminar
Teresa Mangum University of Iowa Talk: "Raving (and and about) Ravens" Tue, 4:00 PM
Helena Michie Rice University Conference Co-Organizer;
Best Practices Coordinator
Beth Newman Southern Methodist University
Catherine Robson New York University Talk: "Panic on the Streets of London: Barnaby Rudge's Gordon Riots and Civic Unrest in the Capital" Mon, 4:00 PM
Jason Rudy University of Maryland
Hyacinth Simpson Ryerson University
Marlene Tromp UC Santa Cruz
Jon Varese Director of Outreach, Dickens Project
Sharon Weltman Louisiana State University
Carolyn Williams Rutgers University Lecture: "Idiot Protagonism" Sun, 7:45 PM
Amy Wong Dominican University of California Panel: "Race and/in Victorian Studies" Thu, 4:00 PM