The History of the Universe

Year Novel(s) Weekend Conference Winter Grad Conference
1981 Great Expectations no weekend conference
1982 A Tale of Two Cities Dickens and Carlyle
1983 David Copperfield Victorian Autobiography and Autobiographical Fiction Dickens and the Fantastic
1984 Martin Chuzzlewit Dickens and Twain
1985 Oliver Twist Cinematic Affinities: Dickens, Fiction, and Film
1986 Our Mutual Friend Dickens, Shakespeare, and the Theatre
1987 Dombey and Son Dickens, Women, and Victorian Culture
1988 Bleak House Legal Fictions: Dickens, Victorian Society, and the Law
1989 Old Curiosity Shop Dickens, Sentimentality, and Victorian Culture
1990 Little Dorrit Debt and Victorian Culture
1991 Pickwick Papers Masterpieces in the Marketplace: Victorian Publishing and the Circulation of Books
1992 Nicholas Nickleby Victorian Literature and the Visual Imagination
1993 The Mystery of Edwin Drood Victorian Mystery
1994 Hard Times Victorian Work
1995 Great Expectations and Jane Eyre Victorian Mind
1996 The Christmas Books Victorian Spectacle
1997 David Copperfield and Pride and Prejudice Reversions: 20th-Century Appropriations of 19th-Century Culture
1998 Oliver Twist and the Alice Books Forms of Victorian Violence
1999 Barnaby Rudge Victoria Redressed: Feminism and 19th-Century Studies
2000 Our Mutual Friend Victorian Waste
2001 Bleak House Victorian Exhibitions
2002 Dombey and Son Victorian Business
2003 Old Curiosity Shop Victorian Soundings
2004 A Tale of Two Cities Victorian Terrors
2005 Little Dorrit Dickens: Life and Afterlife
2006 Nicholas Nickleby Urbanism, Urbanity, and the 19th-Century Novel
2007 Pickwick Papers no weekend conference
2008 Hard Times and Mary Barton no weekend conference
2009 David Copperfield no weekend conference
2010 Oliver Twist and Sketches by Boz no weekend conference
2011 Great Expectations Victorian Futures
2012 Bleak House Dickens! Author and Authorship
2013 The Mystery of Edwin Drood and The Moonstone no weekend conference
2014 Our Mutual Friend no weekend conference
2015 Martin Chuzzlewit and American Notes The Long, Wide Nineteenth Century
2016 Dombey and Son no weekend conference
2017 Middlemarch Form and Reform University of Kentucky
2018 Little Dorrit no weekend conference