Dickens References in Popular Culture

March 30, 2022

Poster for The Tender Bar 

In George Clooney's film The Tender Bar (2021):

The setting is a bar called The Dickens, where the protagonist learns life lessons as he grows up, goes to Yale, falls in love, graduates, and drives off Hollywood to take up a career as a writer. 



A Dickens reference in The New Yorker on December 27, 2021 on page 57:

Sing, Muses; tell a tale of self-made chaps,
Of Wemmicks, Wopsles, clerks, aspiring actors,
And orphans pulled up by their own bootstraps
(Granted, with help from crooked benefactors).



In the film The Unsuspected (1947):

 One character asks, "Is he happy?"

 Another character replies, "As happy as Oliver Twist getting a second helping."



In The New Yorker on March 7, 2022: 

Features an article of a new book about Dickens and Bleak House

You can read the article here: The Crisis That Nearly Cost Charles Dickens His Career | The New Yorker