The Friends of the Dickens Project. The Friends of the Dickens Project is an organization that supports programs for the general public during the Dickens Universe. Made up of new and long-time patrons from around the globe, the Friends sponsor performances and special lectures by visiting scholars, refreshments, dances, films, games, and other enriching activities. For more information about the Friends of the Dickens Project, or to become a Friend yourself, contact JoAnna Rottke, President, Friends of the Dickens Project: jrottke [at] ucsc [dot] org. You can also donate to the Friends directly.

DICKNS-L. Moderated by Dickens Project faculty member Professor Patrick McCarthy from the University of California, Santa Barbara, DICKNS-L is an active, on-line discussion forum that regularly posts information about Dickens and his times. It is a great resource for finding answers to obscure questions about Dickens and the Victorian era. To subscribe, email and use the following message:


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To search the DICKNS-L archives (for example, if you want to find out what has been said about "heredity" in the novels), simply send this message:

search "heredity" in dickns-l

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For questions about the listserv, you can e-mail Professor McCarthy directly: mccarthy [at] humanitas [dot] ucsb [dot] edu

The Dickens Fellowship. All over the world, people who love Dickens gather to read, discuss, and celebrate the work and life of Charles Dickens. You may be able to join a branch of the Dickens Fellowship near you, or write to the Fellowship in London to learn how to start your own chapter. For more information, visit the Dickens Fellowship website. For information and location information about specific branches, visit the Fellowship's Branch Information Page.