Joanna and Tallulah in weave poles.

JoAnna Rottke

Assistant Director

Before JoAnna became all things to all people at the Dickens Project in 1997, she held many jobs in several locations. Among them:

  • Box Office Manager
  • Touring Stage Manager
  • Sony factory worker (only slightly better than a blacking factory)
  • Carpenter and Painter
  • Bagel shop Janitor
  • Bookkeeper at a glass-blowing studio
  • Same job at a granola factory
  • Same job at a Seattle sportswear company
  • Sorted handbags at a department store
  • Secretary in an electronics department
  • Business management for rock and roll clients
  • Processed royalty payments for an independent film company
  • Collected on foreign contracts for same film company
  • Bookkeeper for film trade association
  • Bookkeeper for record store chain

You can see how this varied and well-traveled background prepared her to meet the many needs of the Dickens Project and its Dickens Universe participants.

JoAnna lives with a pack of dogs and looks fondly through the photos of her trip to Africa. You can read about her trip at She is also an avid fan of the San Jose Sharks hockey team.

Her very short stories have been read aloud on the local public radio station – twice.